Technology in Godrej’s Real Estate

Godrej, emerged in the year 1897, and stepped into the fields of consumer goods, real estate and appliances, was ranked 2nd place in the list of the most trusted brands in India. In the field of real estate it experienced a tremendous success. With all the previous experiences is now coming up with the revised version of residential apartments for the people of Bangalore named Godrej Aqua. It is located in Hosahalli with 1, 2 and 3 BHK and many new technologies for rain water harvesting and re-using it. The pact of buy and sell is not only for products and appliances; Godrej is up for the sale of properties also on the online. This project proved the refurbished modern online transactions from the initial stage to the completion stage without the involvement of any brokers and fraudsters.

Godrej Aqua
Godrej Aqua

Globally, each and every sector is developed and is just a mobile click-away. On the parallel lines, double-dealing or duplicity or fraud practices are also just a mobile click- away. While Big data and analytics incorporated each other with property brokerage industry and swindling is now easy for the fraudsters with these kind of consultancies. 

Few unconventional ways followed by them in order to
  • Match the buyers or the customers’ requirements before the actual competitors.
  • To track the immense data of a company. o To track and feed the bidding information.
  • To track the construction progress and sales figures information. 
Whilst these are the advanced steps being followed by the competitors or the fraudsters, there are other procedures followed by the companies or the investors and is setting up new venues.

Crowd funding is one of the action which was taken in response to it. 

It is to raise or funds online in smaller amounts to develop a project or a venture. 

An escrow account will be created by the investors in order to get the struck project done and the crowd funding would be deposited in the specified account. 

To boost up the lifecycle transaction of the residential estate business, it came up with another idea which goes like, if there is an extra unit or units built, the profit must be shared amongst the investors and the builders. 

Blockchain is another action taken in response to the hike in fraud cases. 

This is another technology with which the real estate is able manage with brokerage without letting them into any of the processes included. The blockchain has the access to most of the data or the information but it will not let the information to be taken or copied by any competitor or the fraudster. This advanced technology with transparency discloses the efficiency and quality being provided by the update. Now it can record all the stages of documentation, past records, registration, due diligence and final closure. 

Next level of progress includes steps like

No involvement of title fraud 
Transactions cost will be minimal in order of lesser involvement of brokers and lawyers 
No more government level scams 
Proper payment of tax 
Property disputes will also be reduced 
Physical property papers are to be dissolved in order to dissolve the issues.

Godrej Aqua Property, Godrej Aqua Property  Hosahalli
Technology in Real Estate

With all these mentioned advantages, real estate is in loop with formed technology block chain and involves transparency in both procedures and transactions. To book apartments in Godrej Aqua located in Hosahalli, Bangalore contact us on 080 40984147 or Visit Website -

Godrej Aqua, Hosahalli | Residential property in Bangalore


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